By Jer Langhans (@majiksourcer)

In July we will be celebrating 3 years of writing Boolean Strings together, every day, for pay.  It’s crazy to think of how far we’ve come in such a short time. To begin, James and I talk about this data, every day, too.  It’s a scale of sourcing that we, frankly, haven’t had the pleasure to do back when we were “internal corporate guys” in recruiting or TA.  Before you get too carried away on this ‘not a blog’ - let’s set some ground rules. When we pair up and Source together we follow 3 very simple rules which are outlined below:

  1. Show Up - what does that mean to us, we don’t leave our partner behind, it’s actually more beneficial to be writing boolean together (no rabbit holes, no distractions, just pure production.)  
    Result: Hand Coded Data cell count is now over 7 million in our Lab

  2. Music & Environment - it’s an absolute must when we source to have music. Could you imagine if you went to the gym and it was dead silent…. Boring!!!  
    Result: 225,000+ profiles, all up, researched & tagged

  3. Debate & Passion - You need healthy debate and boolean text, every character matters and if you can’t challenge the direction you’re headed you won’t feel good about the research you’re delivering to your clients.   
    Result: More than 230 Sourcing Sprints completed for 105 clients

These early stats on what our Boolean has been able to deliver on for the clients of Paired Sourcing is pretty staggering.  Also, you have to take into account that our primary product we sell is a Sourcing Sprint and, as such, we get the luxury to say no to most requests to “hope on a call” or “give a status update”.  Our goals are very simple - we deliver batches of 100 highly targeted prospects per week per profile per client.  

Here’s what we’ve learned from writing nearly 10,000 cycles of boolean for sourcing talent:

Velocity of Iteration
Advertisements and employee referrals will fill 80% of your jobs, most of the time, but for the remaining 20% you need to focus on ‘outbound proactive strategies’ that include sourcing prospective talent directly for your opportunity.  In other words, you need to research/outreach a critical mass of “candidates”. The ONLY way you can do this for more than a singular role is to employ what I call Velocity of Iteration.  

We might have to put out a whole post on this, but in simple terms as it relates to Boolean Strings; we’ve learned that if you stop to question BEFORE you try then it impedes velocity. Some refer to this as “flow stoppage” but I’d like to look at it from the angle of failing faster and/or making quicker decisions.  Of course if you have a big decision tree the quicker you can get thru it the sooner you realize your results.

Bad a$$ boolean - aka our Library
Saving your boolean is SO IMPORTANT - think about it, you’ve spent a great amount of time and research hours on this.  Don’t let it go to waste and not use it again. We prefer to park ours with each search and favorite searches are saved in a boolean directory (aka Slack for reference later).

Pace & Cadence
The ideal amount of searches for 2 sourcers to work on concurrently (aka paired) is 5.  Knowing that is our goal pace as we are sprinting we have figured out a cadence of daily tasks that we hack our calendar to trigger us on.  This collection of to-do’s we call Legos. During the sourcing sessions we like to take full advantage of the flexibility of these blocks of tasks and move them to suit our flow as we go.

Systematic Matrix - aka our Playlist
We hold ourselves to strict standards regarding time management - when our clients submit a request with us. The estimated sourcing time is immediately blocked out and protected - this allows us to not feel rushed while sourcing.  It also allows us to be thorough when tracking. At any given time we can recreate any search and identify if something is a miss or on target.

After 10,000 hours you still can learn something new...honestly we couldn’t be anymore happier with the daily discoveries and blessing to be able to look ahead.  The future of boolean is strong with our industry - looking forward to contributing.



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